About Us.

3YZ WLL (formerly Almoayed Holdings WLL) was incorporated in April 2006 of truly humble beginnings and ever-growing aspirations. We take pride in remembering our history and mistakes and look forward to our team’s future challenges and achievements.

That said and regardless of our commercial or financial inclination from time to time, any party which interacts internally or externally with our company will note our fundamental attachment to our pillars, namely, long-term sustainable personal and commercial relationships along with values of integrity and ethical awareness.

We are sure that you share both pillars and welcome any assistance whatsoever in ensuring that we satisfy our own public commitment. In the meantime, while looking forward to serving you, whether through our operations, partnerships, contracts or mere neighborly affection.

Emphasis in designing our network of operations remains boldly centered on the founder’s regional roots, cultivating specialized expertise, provision of added-value services, developing a professional ecosystem, and an absolute standard of integrity and ethical awareness.

Our Company, a family in its own right, continues to grow organically to encompass interests in a wide array of industries and jurisdictions.


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